Core Secretariat Staff

Lucia Rodriguez

Lucia Rodriguez serves as the Director of the Global MDP Secretariat. For the past 20 years Dr. Rodriguez has been involved in the field of international education and administration. In her previous positions, Lucia has scaled up projects, fundraised, and developed innovative interactive programs for young people interested in learning about the world. Lucia completed her undergraduate work at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and received her doctorate in education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Lucia works with the members of the  Global Association of MDP programs to manage, scale up, and secure the financial sustainability of the global network of MDP programs.





Susan Rhodes

Susan Rhodes serves as the Associate Director of the Global MDP Secretariat. With an MPH from Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, Susan has worked in curriculum design, training, and training administration in tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and blindness prevention for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and several international NGOs. Susan also has a master’s degree in Chinese language and literature from Columbia, and extensive training and project-management experience in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Susan will be working with MDP directors and faculty on curriculum and resource development for the network.



Associate Director



Ashley Kingon

Ashley Kingon serves as the Communication and Administration Coordinator for the MDP Secretariat. Ashley joined the Secretariat in September 2009 and is responsible for ensuring its smooth day-to-day operation. Among his many responsibilities are maintenance of the website, coordination of MDP events, and liaising with MDP students. Ashley continues to involve himself in the sustainable development community and is continuously looking for new opportunities to involve the MDP Secretariat. He undertook his bachelor’s degree at Brown University, concentrating in cognitive science, with a focus on the human upper-level visual system, studied through fMRI, functional magnetic resonance imaging.


Communication and Administration Coordinator