University Process

The Global Association of MDP programs refers to all universities that have developed MDP programs or are interested in developing MDP programs. There are three levels of membership within the Association— Partners, Associates and Affiliates.

  • Partners are Institutions with full MDP programs adhering to the guidelines set forth in the Final Commission report and approved by the Global Association of MDP programs and the MDP Secretariat.
  • Associates are Institutions dedicated to building an MDP program and becoming full MDP Partners as per the guidelines set out in the Final Commission report and approved by the Global Association of the MDP programs and the MDP Secretariat. The MDP Secretariat will provide, up to one year of support and guidance to help interested institutions develop their MDP program.
  • Affiliates are Institutions that do not have and are not in the process of building an MDP Program, but wish to partake in the activities of the global network of MDP programs.

A membership fee will be charged to all university members--Partners, Associates and Affiliates--of the Global Association of MDP programs. 

Consideration process: to be considered for PARTNER, ASSOCIATE, OR AFFILIATE STATUS, see below:

To be considered for PARTNER OR ASSOCIATE status, please review the Proposal Guidelines (summarized here):

  • Two year proposed MDP curriculum, with names of courses, descriptions, and notation of each course as new or existing.
  • Bios of faculty, with an indication of which faculty will teach which course.
  • Detailed information on specific field training sites and projects.
  • Budget for five years, indicating how the program will support itself.
  • Indication of where in the curriculum issues of gender and development will be covered?
  • Proposed name of the proposed MDP program. We prefer all member programs be called Master's in Development Practice.
  • Will partnerships with other universities be established (or existing relationships utilized) specifically for the MDP? If so which ones, and what is the nature of the partnership?

Consideration for Partner status:

  1. Interested universities or institutions must follow the Proposal Guidelines.
  Please send proposals to
  2. Once an application is received, membership into the Global Association of the MDP programs will depend on the review and approval by the: Academic Steering Committee members and the Co-chairs of the Global Association Board (GAB) of the MDP Secretariat and the MDP Secretariat.

Consideration for Associate status:

  1. Interested institutions or universities must follow the Proposal Guidelines.
  Please send proposals to
  2. Once the proposal is received and reviewed, the MDP Secretariat will contact the inquiring institution or university. 

  3. Associate members will receive up to one year of support to establish their full MDP program.

  4. Once the full program has been established, the program will be reviewed before full Partner membership is granted.

Consideration for Affiliate status:

  1. A proposal containing the following must be sent to
    1. Reason and objectives for joining (500 words)
    2. What can be contributed to the global network (500 words)
    3. A short profile of the academic institution with any pertinent web links (250 words)
    4. Contact information
  2. The proposal will be reviewed and processed by the MDP Secretariat. 

For more information on the Global Association of MDP programs, and how to join please contact: